What To Do With The Nameless Treasure In Genshin Impact

What To Do With The Nameless Treasure In Genshin Impact. Upon reaching the location, a. Though it’s better, you uncover it yourself.

All Nameless Treasure Locations in Genshin Impact Game Tips Get from gametips.pro

Here you will have to light up all four torches in the ruins, if you can’t find them. Activate the 5 seals by using geo on them to obtain the nameless treasure. To find the first nameless treasure in genshin impact, players will need to get to dunyu ruins.

Nameless Treasure Location And What You Need To Do In Genshin Impact.

To find the first nameless treasure in genshin impact, players must reach qingxu pool. The quest will guide you to the top of the ruins, where you’ll find the scholar in a cage. After you find all three nameless treasure items, you will need to go to liyue harbor and find a vendor called linlang.

There’s Also A Lore Attached To The Nameless Treasure And The Associated Quest.

Anonymous treasure acquired at qingxu pool/lingju pass/dunyu ruins. Dunyu ruins nameless treasure nameless treasure location. One of the nameless treasures can be found in the submerged area of dunyu ruins.

Below Are The Steps To Unlock The Treasure:

To obtain it, players will need a geo character in their party. Admittedly, i’m not a genshin impact player who does a whole lot of story reading… i know, i know… i’m sorry, but i’m not sure that even reading the story would help me try to figure out what it was that i was supposed to do with these nameless treasures, as at first i didn’t even know where i had collected them. Once there you will need to get to the exact spot shown in the screenshot.

In Each Of Them, You Will Find A Geo Seal.

Talk to linlang and exchange the 3 nameless treasures for the following rewards: To find the nameless treasures in lingju pass, you need to start from the west of this area. The nameless treasures quest is a secret quest in genshin impact that won't show.

Another Nameless Treasure Can Be Found In Qingxu Pool.

You will need to collect all the nameless treasure by solving the elemental puzzle and sell it to the merchant or owner of xigu antiques, linlang. The third can be received by completing the and this treasure goes to… quest. Finding the nameless treasure at lingju pass involves completing a side quest called and this treasure goes to…, in which you rescue a distressed scholar from a band of outlaws.

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