Warframe How To Get An Exilus Weapon Adapter

Warframe How To Get An Exilus Weapon Adapter. In this guide, we will discuss everything about the exilus weapon adapter and how to obtain it. One extra mod, no polarity and it doesn't change cost at all for it being a specially unlocked slot.

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Exilus adapters are popular quest rewards and can also be bought for 20 platinum, same as orokin reactor and catalyst. To get the primary arcane adapter in warframe, you will need to buy it from teshin. Go into the upgrade screen for the weapon, and on the right hand side you will notice the new exilus weapon adapter mod slot.

Blueprint Can Be Acquired From Cephalon Simaris After Completing The Natah Quest Or Purchased From Teshin.

The exilus weapon adapter is a special item that can be fused with a primary or secondary weapon to unlock an exilus mod slot, which is a special additional slot that can be used solely for exilus mods, aka utility mods. It is quite simple all in all, once you get far enough in the quest lin. Once you get the exilus weapon adapter, just go into your arsenal and choose the weapon you wish to use it with.

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And the unlocked new exilus mod slot for your warframe work like regular mod slot when it comes to polarities and can also be formad. Both serve the same function. Update basic informationexilus adapters come in two different flavours, the warframe exilus and the weapon exilus.

Each Warframe Can Only Have A Single Exilus Slot Active, And Any Eligible Mods Used On The Slot Will Consume Mod Capacity, Like Normal Mods.

Now that the utility adapter has been released let's talk about weapons. To get the primary arcane adapter in warframe, you will need to buy it from teshin. Dark sectors list (missions and rewards) on warframe wiki;

All) Confirm Order After Delivery Is Complete.

We will also discuss obtaining the warframe exilus adapter blueprint. Once you do so, you need to open the main menu as soon as you come to the dock. An exilus slot can be polarized using.

The Mod Slot Will Now Be Unlocked.

The exilus weapon adapter is one of the best features, which is rolled out by update 26 of the old blood game. In order to avoid problems with delivery of the item, please make sure that you have the correct game settings. Exilus weapon adapters are considered to be one of the most useful items for unlocking the exilus mod slot.

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