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How to Make Language an Asset and Not a Barrier for Your Brand

iIt is a no-brainer that the reach, depth and footprint impact of a brand today are not limited to geography. Most brands are expanding their wings and appetite for a multi-lingual market.

This market comes with its inherent challenges and yields. If a brand is able to crack the language riddle correctly and in time, then there’s no stopping it from reaching new audiences that it desires. So language can be as much of a pitfall when a brand is thinking of conquering new regions. The pitfall can, however, be spun into a lever of growth and better outreach when deployed smartly.

Language translation emerges as the potent way here to make language the brand’s strengths and not weakness. Translation includes but is not limited to, marketing communication alone. There are many vital parts of the strategic blueprint that have to be viewed from a translation angle too.

Multilingual translation services are not just employed for branding work. They are equally important for other areas that have become similarly powerful touch points for all the stakeholders of the company. Software, APIs, UI bits, Apps, Websites, Technical specifications, Engineering documents, Legal contracts, Patent documents, Court filings, Financial policies, eLearning courses for employees, the list is almost endless when it comes to the application of translation services.

Language translation also takes care of legal, compliance side and IP-related work which matters strongly when going for a globalised strategy. Many of these documents have timelines to be adhered to, otherwise, the company may end up paying the penalty for not filing certain documents within the stipulated time. This is where professional translation firms provide abilities that take cognizance of vital differences while avoiding redundant and repetitive work.

Multi-lingual translation services also factor in the layout, format, colour, reading direction, clutter, visual preferences and other such parts that publishing or DTP stages would stumble upon. The translation goes far beyond the text job and extends massively as well as deeply into crucial areas of documentation at every stage and dimension of a brand’s cycle.

Language can be a cost when translation is confronted with the mindset that it is an unnecessary liability. But language has often proven to be the extra mile, that extra difference or proposition that swings the stage completely in favour of globally-postured brands. Your new customers need to not only read you in their language but need to see you as someone who cares for their comfort and familiarity at every touch-point of their interaction lifecycle. It starts at branding messages or internal office communication but definitely does not stop there. Software, apps, publishing parts, service levels, post-sale support, and services – everything counts and augments when done in their language.