How To Get Mosaic In Merge Mansion

How To Get Mosaic In Merge Mansion. You'll need get level 1 shrapnel, and a pouch. Ship in a bottle and locket pouch may be obtained from the level 1 vase when the locket pouch has been.

How to get Mosaic tiles in Merge Mansion Gamepur from

You have to merge all the shrapnel obtained from the grade one vase. Wait for the timer to finish (it's a long time). Here are all the stages of merge mansion mosaic.

This Creates Shrapnel, From Which Mosaic (I) Can Be Created.

Collect a few and leave them till the timer completes then tap the vase to get the broken shards and those merge into mosaic tiles. Dora express batesville, ar phone number; You get merge mansion shrapnel when (after six hours) you break a vase (i).

Tap It Twice And You Will Get The First Item To Get Mosaic Tiles And A Bag Which Makes The Lockets.

How to get mosaic in merge mansion. First, you need to get a vase (i). Tap the chest of drawers to get the first level vase.

Wait Until The Vases Are Ready To Spawn Items.

The easiest and fastest way to acquire the shrapnel is through joining it from broken vases. What items can you get from merge mansion? Wait for the timer to finish (it's a long time).

As A Result, You Will Get A Mosaic.

Use the chest of drawers to spawn vases. But what you need is the broken vase when it can't spawn more items. The first is to tap and break the level 8 of the bottle, aka the ship in the bottle.

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It is to be a grade one vase, and you can smash it by leaving it for a long time. Tap the drawer level 5 or above to get the level1 vase. It will spawn bags which can be merged to create a locket.

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