Genshin Impact How To Solve Water Level Puzzle

Genshin Impact How To Solve Water Level Puzzle. The broken isle water level puzzle can be found in the golden apple archipelago in genshin impact. At the marked location in the image above, there are three seelie courts.

Genshin Impact How to solve Water Level Puzzle from

To look for the mural which shows how you can actually solve the pool puzzle, head to the location shown in the map below. To solve the water level puzzle found on the broken isle of golden apple archipelago, players have to set the water level at a certain level using the environment and pressure platform mechanism at five different locations, throughout the broken isle. How to solve the underground seelie puzzle

Genshin Impact 1.6 Has Added Many Puzzles And Hidden Objects For Players To Discover And Solve, And The Golden Apple Archipelago Has Several Secret Murals That Players Will Need To Find To.

The goal is to put the lit sides to the wall, drain the water to the right of the puzzle, and access a new area. Our guide explains how to solve the tile puzzle and help. Mihoyo) then, you can activate the mechanism next to the luxurious chest to lower the water level even more and follow the seelie to find more chests at the bottom full of rewards.

You Will See A Painted Wall Similar To Those On Other Islands.

Head to the top of the stairs and look behind you to discover the last puzzle. Our genshin impact guide will detail how to. The entrance to the mural is actually at the bottom of the hill.

Genshin Impact’s Inazuma Region Has Many Puzzles, Including One In Amakumo Peak That Involves Stepping On Tiles To Drain A Pool Of Water.

There are a couple of ways to solve this, but if you’re having a hard time, you may follow the steps below: 01:14water level from bottom middle of the map : Play the puzzle and the water level will be lowered again.

All Characters Ranked From Best.

How to get the clue on the pool puzzle. The blocks should be in a straight line with three glowing. Learn how to find the broken isle mural, how to adjust the water levels, the correct order for the musical rocks, and a full puzzle walkthrough in this guide!

Full Relay Stone Puzzle Walkthrough.

Defeat the three rounds of enemies, making sure to. How to solve puzzle of the watatsumi statue in genshin impact. Once you unlock the entrance to the domain, you’ll be able to explore the pool palace freely.

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