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Visiting Quebec? Here Is What You Need To Know

qIf you are planning to visit Quebec, there are a lot of things you need to be familiar with. Let us take a look at some of the key things you should be mindful of which will help you plan the perfect trip to Quebec.

1. Know more about the French language

It is important to understand that there are as many as 8 million speakers who only converse in Quebec French language. Quebec is that part of Canada which caters to the French speaking people. There are a few rules that have been imposed by the OQLF which is also known as the language police. The main aim of this police is to ensure that nearly 80% of the province should speak French and the businesses and even the signboards should make use of the French language. So, ideally, you should know Quebec French language for smoother operation in this area.

2. Quebec French is not the regular French language

A lot of people make this mistake of thinking that Quebec French and the French spoken in France are same. While the base language is same and there are a lot of similarities but you need to know that there is quite a lot of difference between the two languages.

If you want to set your business in Quebec area and your main concern is to ensure that your content is duly translated in the local language, you should choose the finest Quebec French translation services. Look for language experts who can offer you accurate translation which in turn can be put to right use.

3. Outdoor fun

When you are traveling to Quebec, you should be prepared for some amazing outdoor fun. Even though it can be really cold as the temperature can drop down considerably, still you will find plenty of outdoor activities which you will surely cherish. You can indulge in activities like ice fishing and even snowshoeing. You can also bicycle your way on the snow covered lands and have a great time.

Once again, we would recommend you to be aware of the basic culture, rules and traditions of Quebec because you would definitely not want to do something which the locals won’t like. If you can speak basic Quebec French, it can help you get friendly with the locals and they can guide you in your tour in a much better manner too.

4. The dilemma of the roads

While Quebec is undoubtedly one of the beautiful places to explore and it is good for plenty of business as well, you need to understand that not all roads are going to be well developed. The extreme weather conditions and even the inferior quality of materials that are used lead to some lackluster roads.


How to Make Language an Asset and Not a Barrier for Your Brand

iIt is a no-brainer that the reach, depth and footprint impact of a brand today are not limited to geography. Most brands are expanding their wings and appetite for a multi-lingual market.

This market comes with its inherent challenges and yields. If a brand is able to crack the language riddle correctly and in time, then there’s no stopping it from reaching new audiences that it desires. So language can be as much of a pitfall when a brand is thinking of conquering new regions. The pitfall can, however, be spun into a lever of growth and better outreach when deployed smartly.

Language translation emerges as the potent way here to make language the brand’s strengths and not weakness. Translation includes but is not limited to, marketing communication alone. There are many vital parts of the strategic blueprint that have to be viewed from a translation angle too.

Multilingual translation services are not just employed for branding work. They are equally important for other areas that have become similarly powerful touch points for all the stakeholders of the company. Software, APIs, UI bits, Apps, Websites, Technical specifications, Engineering documents, Legal contracts, Patent documents, Court filings, Financial policies, eLearning courses for employees, the list is almost endless when it comes to the application of translation services.

Language translation also takes care of legal, compliance side and IP-related work which matters strongly when going for a globalised strategy. Many of these documents have timelines to be adhered to, otherwise, the company may end up paying the penalty for not filing certain documents within the stipulated time. This is where professional translation firms provide abilities that take cognizance of vital differences while avoiding redundant and repetitive work.

Multi-lingual translation services also factor in the layout, format, colour, reading direction, clutter, visual preferences and other such parts that publishing or DTP stages would stumble upon. The translation goes far beyond the text job and extends massively as well as deeply into crucial areas of documentation at every stage and dimension of a brand’s cycle.

Language can be a cost when translation is confronted with the mindset that it is an unnecessary liability. But language has often proven to be the extra mile, that extra difference or proposition that swings the stage completely in favour of globally-postured brands. Your new customers need to not only read you in their language but need to see you as someone who cares for their comfort and familiarity at every touch-point of their interaction lifecycle. It starts at branding messages or internal office communication but definitely does not stop there. Software, apps, publishing parts, service levels, post-sale support, and services – everything counts and augments when done in their language.

How Ocean Freight Shipping Can Valuably Assist Your Business Or Relocation

34Choose the Right Ocean Freight Shipping Company

If you’re considering sending your goods or items abroad via ocean freight shipping, you want to make sure that you’re hiring an efficient and reliable service provider. Take into account that you’re getting first-class service. The ocean freight shipping company you’re doing business with should be able to provide for your shipping needs. It should be able to transport your cargo overseas in a safe and timely manner. Does the company have sufficient know-how about the location you’re sending you’re goods to? At the same time, how familiar are they with customs law?

Choose an ocean freight shipping company that can cater to your diverse shipping needs. They ought to be flexible when rendering their services. It makes sense to transact with a company that has a reputable name in the industry. Is the company you’re hiring known for delivering high-quality shipping services? Consider the cost factor as well. Although ocean freight shipping is generally costly, you should be able to avail of a reasonable fee from a reliable company.

Avail Of High Quality Shipping Services

You’ll find that there are numerous shipping service providers that are known for excellent customer service and high-quality shipping services. They also have ample knowledge and experience in the subject. It is to say that these companies have complied with and asserted the bill of lading. What is the bill of lading? It is a document that contains information about your shipment and the designated time when your goods would reach its destination.

There should be no discrepancy and glitches with customs when you’re transporting your cargo domestically or abroad. And if you’re dealing with the right company, you can avail of reduced rates for taxes and duties. Take time to validate the details of your shipment services that the company has assured to offer. Likewise, make confirmations about the fees that the company charges from you. Give leeway to the idea that your shipment could encounter a few problems along the way. Avoid any risks by having your items insured. It would ensure that your cargo would be safe despite those quandaries.

Valuable Benefits For Your Business or Relocation

What are the benefits of ocean freight shipping? If you’re operating a manufacturing or distribution business, you can gain customers at a global base and increase your profits. You’ll be able to send your shipments in different locations (abroad) at a cost-effective rate. If you’re a regular client of a shipping company, you can ask for special rates and discounts in which your “business partner” would willingly oblige. Do business with the right shipping service provider and you’ll find that exporting and importing your goods is easier and hassle-free.

Availing of the best ocean freight shipping services basically has to do with dealing with the right company. Storage, loading, documenting, clearance, transfer and unloading tasks will carefully be handled by your service provider. It is a huge benefit for businesses that regularly send out shipments to overseas locations. The same is true for customers who are relocating abroad and need to transport their personal items. It will save these clientele a lot of time, stress and cost. Indeed, ocean freight shipping is one of the best ways of transporting your goods and items domestically or abroad.


Have You Started Looking for Translation Companies

23When globalization happened, opportunities emerged fiercely and rampantly. But so did the many challenges accompanying this new wave. Now with technology, new trade pacts, new World Trade Agreements and fresh political bonds between different countries, many companies found themselves, suddenly and surprisingly, standing amidst a plethora of new and unforeseen forces.

Some of these forces were good and hinted of new markets and profit pockets. And some of these forces were flanked with problems and pitfalls of their own kind.

Yes, it is right that when globalization opened frontiers of a vast new world and fresh markets, most brands and businesses had a new playground to jump around. Yet, the game could quickly turn into a lost bet if the right investments were not made to tap gains at the right time.

The companies who made the right choices invested in new resources, new skill-sets, new product development and of course localization. The successful and wise companies also took cognizance of translation issues here, at the precise juncture of new opportunities.

Such organizations knew that translation may not pop right into the radar and would definitely not be spotlight candidate but that does not mean that it is not paid attention to.

They knew that as much as it was a time to chase new pastures, one could not ignore the landmines that dotted them. Translation companies were a key solution to averting the many dangers of missing on translation and localization strategies when wooing a new market.

These translation solutions equipped the organization with the right language and the apt approach to communicating with a new market. New customers came with their language preferences, quirks, nuances and customization factors. Global translation services covered a wide gamut of these needs. Smart organizations, which invested in translation at the right time, started reaping the benefits soon enough.

For one, they were free of costly errors that other players might be making when offending their new customers with the wrong language or missing out due to miscommunication.

Secondly, paying attention to translation endowed them with a marketing edge and a proactive way of understanding customers. They could also come in with new propositions and tailor-made products thanks to a good grip on the new market. They could, in parallel, avoid any legal, compliance, regulatory or documentation snags that non-translation-savvy companies faced from time to time.

Today the results of translation and localization are quite obvious. Many mobile apps have seen a 7 to 10 times increase in the mobile downloads after their apps were translated. Websites have seen exponential growth in traffic and conversion after translation. Customer sentiments have turned positive after labeling, marking and marketing message were done in local language.

Translation was and will continue to be a big asset for anyone surfing the wave of globalization. It is not just a tourist guide of yester years but something that bestows a completely unprecedented strength to understanding, approaching, and communicating with new markets.

Businesses that have caught the strategic contours of translation well, continue to surpass those who still think translation is something waiting on the sidelines, for a time when you have extra resources or money to spare. You can misunderstand translation and miss the wagon or do what smart brands do – jump on it.